Reliable and Satisfactory supply system

While we are a solution-proposing type die-casting manufacturer,KOBACis all-rounding die-caster covering everything from designing of precision die-casting products using a 3-D CAD to production planning, production, quality control and delivery of mass-production items.

After the thorough discussion with a customer, die-casting drawings are drawn using a CAD.
Products with little variation are mass-produced using the state-of-the-art die-casting machines.
Making full use of a 6-axis articulated robot, trimming of the castings can be made automatically, improving both productivity and quality.
With a latest X-ray non-destructive inspection device, inside defects are regularly predicted and checked; thus stabilizing quality.
If the requested accuracy cannot be achieved by as-cast products, the castings are finished with a machining center.
To asuure the quality, product dimensions are measured with a CMM equipped with a pneumatic vibration-free table.